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Some Reviews of the Alhambra 4p Classical Guitar on the Internet

We have brought together here a few of the reviews of the Alhambra 4P classical guitar which we have found on the internet.

From Harmony Central

Features 8.0 (5 responses)
Sound 9.0 (6 responses)
Action, Fit, & Finish 7.8 (6 responses)
Reliability/Durability 8.5 (6 responses)
Customer Support 10.0 (1 response)
Overall Rating 9.3 (6 responses)

Product: Alhambra 4P
Price Paid: UNKNOWN
Submitted 06/08/2007 at 07:46am by Widow's Son

Features : 8
Alhambra 4P AZ (spruce top left handed). This is a SUPERB guitar. Solid top spruce, rosewood back and sides (laminted yes, but it looks lovely.) Made in Spain with 19 frets.

Sound : 8
I play mostly classical music and this guitar is the excellent. It is very response and expressive. At the same time it is subtle and proud, modest and loud. I chose a spruce top, which gives a brighter and more "sunny" tone than a cedar top, which gives a darker and more serious sound. That being said, this guitar can deliver whatever you need. Like Cello? the bass stings around the 5-7 frets. Like Brass? Play the treble strings near the bridge! It is a mini-orchestra.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 6
The setup was excellent. Classical guitars have the action higher than steel string guitars. But it came from the case perfect. (perhaps the action was a little bit high, but not enough to be a problem)
The finish is superb..smooth, sexy, dignified...just what a good quality woman or spanish guitar is supposed to be.

There are two flaws in my eyes....the edges of the frets are a bit rough. This could be due to a bit of shrinkage in the fingerboard. The other flaw is the tuning knobs. I had this guitar for 3 weeks when one of the knobs cracked and fell off. I complained to the retailer and the manufacturer. I recieved apologies on behalf of the company and the retailer. I also recieved a completey new set VERY good quality tuning machines and 2 free sets of VERY good quality strings.

Reliability/Durability : 8
This guitar will withstand live playing. It will also withstand the countless hours of bedroom playing. Above all, it will impress your wife when you play for her!
Aside from the fluke tuning machine problem mentioned above, the hardware is superb. No strap buttons exist on classical guitars. This guitar is VERY dependable with no need for a backup.

Customer Support : 10
As mentioned, customer support is superior. Better than most I dare say. I even recieved follow up emails for no reason other than to inquire if I was happy with my guitar.

Overall Rating : 10
I have been playing guitar since the mid '80s. (that was when music...indeed when civilization itself reached its peak)! I became interesed in classical guitar about 3 years ago and have dedicated myself mostly to this style. This is the best guitar I have ever had. Its not a cheap guitar, but its not out of reach. You get what you pay for. I have had this guitar 6 months now, and it gets better all the time.
If it were lost/stolen I would grieve. But I would replace it. I would try to move up the Alhambra quality line, but believe me, this guitar is the best you will get under $1100. Alhambra does not make a bad guitar, regardless of the price. Even their lowest end entry model 1C has a solid top and excellent playability.

Product: Alhambra 4P
Price Paid: #350 (pound)
Submitted 07/01/2004 at 04:40pm by Anonymous

Features : 8
The Alhambra 4P, benefits greatly from having rosewood back and sides as well as a close grain cedar top, looks to me like the sides are actually solid rosewood as the grain appears to run right through however the back clearly is laminated. Also the fingerboard is ebony. The guitar has many of the features you would expect to find on a concert guitar but at a fraction of the price.

Sound : 10
The tone just gets better on my 4P. I use it for mainly classical music but also latin jazz in a 4 piece line up. (tenor sax, double bass and congas/cabassa) Because its cedar is has what i would describe a warm dark tone, both in lower and high register. Like all guitars it has its sweet spots and not so sweet. Great for counterpoint style music.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 8
Okay, took mine down a little at the nut. Mainly because of comping a lot.

Reliability/Durability : 10
I got really angry once and through it against a wall in my house. Guess i was lucky as it suffered no damage/cracks or warpage to the neck. So i reckon they are built very well. Yep that was silly!

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : 10
For a mid price spanish guitar, it represents real value for money. I can't see me replacing it but i would like to get a similar Alhambra made from spruce.

Product: Alhambra 4P
Price Paid: 40000 (ptas)
Submitted 03/12/2002 at 04:03pm by Oscar Colorado

Features : No Opinion
My Alhambra 4P is made in Spain (Muro de Alcoy) 1999. It has 22 frets. The guitar is Mahoganny and rosewood fretboard. This is a very basic acoustic guitar, a classical instrument.

Sound : 10
This guitar suits perfectly my guitar style: classical, bossa-nova and a little of Flamenco. The sound is full, rich and bright. Very responsive to dynamics. It's the very best classical guitar I've ever had. (And I have had a lot!)

Action, Fit, & Finish : 8
The finish of this guitar is really beautiful and has a superior craftmanship. The action was a little high.

Reliability/Durability : 8
Since it's a classical guitar, you can't abuse this instrument that much. It's not the particular model, it's just that this kind of guitar needs care.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : 10
I bought this guitar in Valencia, Spain. I was looking for a good instrument and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I visited many music stores in Valencia, and in a department store pretty much like Saks or Dillard's I found this guitar. The price was very good, and when I played it I was amazed with the beauty of the instrument, but specially for the sound. I've been playing for 14 years. Actually I began playing a classical guitar. I have played a lot of classical guitars, and for this price the Alhambra 4P is unbelievable. If you buy a $300 dlls electric guitar you'll buy crap. But for this price (more or less) you can obtain an incredible guitar. A really good investment.

Product: Alhambra 4P
Price Paid: 40000 (pesetas )
Submitted 02/14/2002 at 08:33pm by Tezifon
Email: majo<at>clubparada dot com

Features : 8
no mucho ingles lo hare en castellano

el a?o vete a saber, esta echa en muro de alcoy cerca de Valencia algo lejos de granada, aparte de eso cojonuda, modelo de estudiante aros de palorosa, mastil caoba.

18 trastes

puente clasico cejuela clasica

afinadores clasicos dorados

Sound : 7
completo, mas para bossa que para algo mas duro o potente como flamenco, aunque sea una clasica suena muy bien para blues

Action, Fit, & Finish : 7
muy bien, quiza algo alta

Reliability/Durability : 9
aguanta muy bien los golpes

Customer Support : No Opinion
ni idea

Overall Rating : 8
la uso para aprender, muy buena para lo poco que vale

Product: Alhambra 4P
Price Paid: 25000 (spanish ptas)
Submitted 01/28/2002 at 08:56am by Tom
Email: tomas_a<at>mixmail dot com

Features : 8

1995 Spain (Muro del Alcoy)
18 frets solid cedar top rosewood fingerboard gold machine tuners mahogany neck no accessories included.

Sound : 10
the sound is powerful and round, you can certainly hear the wood resonating. Great for classical fingerpicking and spanish flamenco music.It actually sounds better now than when it was purchased back in 1995(I guess I'm getting better too)

Action, Fit, & Finish : 9
The guitar came almost perfect from factory, action was a little high but that didin't bother me then, now it does, you can fix that by lowering the plastic piece on the bridge. No problem at all.
The finish is beautiful , the rossette motive looks awesome, bindings on the back and sides of the guitar make the guitar look just great.
VERY GOOD craftmanship. The guys in Granada do know how to make a great guitar.
I'll give it a 9 because of the little too high string action.

Reliability/Durability : 10
This guitar is perfectly suited for live playing.I've played it live several times and everything was fine. The hardware is ok for a guitar that costs this money, I'd say it's better than any other classic guitar I own. It's got two tiny chips on the top but it's 7 years old(shit happens)and it's still in perfect condition. This is a guitar you can depend on and I would use it on a gig without a backup, no big deal.

Customer Support : No Opinion
Never had to deal with them, warranty said goodbye long ago.

Overall Rating : 9
excellent guitar for the money. If you are looking for a classic guitar or you are into flamenco music you should check out an ALhambra guitar it sounds nice, plays nice and looks awesome.

Product: Alhambra 4P
Price Paid: US $239
Submitted 12/07/2001 at 10:11pm by Robert LeHane
Email: rlehane<at>riker dot com

Features : 8
1997-98 Spain. Purchased on my honeymoon in Madrid. Solid Cedar Top, Mahogany Sides and Back. Rosewood Fretboard. Gold machines & pearl tuners. Wide grain split back. Rosewood and Spruce (I think) inlay around binding and down center of back.

Sound : 9
Great tone for the cost. Good sustain and volume. My steel string guitars are my mainstays. This Alhambra is a great guitar for me. It completely satisfies my occasional desire to play classical and I think it will hold up even if my interest in classical increases dramatically.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 9
Well set up. Action fine. Machines solid. Well finished with nice detail.

Reliability/Durability : 6
The edge of the top even with the bridge chipped about three days after I bought it, when the guitar fell out of a closet in Leon. I was a littel surprised at the extent of the damage so the finish might be a littel soft. Other than that, the guitar has held up fine. Still soulds great and stays in tune. Tuning gears are nice and tight.

Customer Support : No Opinion
No contact with company.

Overall Rating : 9
I've been playing for 18 years. My other guitars are an Epiphone PR5 (Acoustic/ Electric Cutaway), a Martin DXME(recent gift), and a Fender Strat (Mexican Special). I also play Trumpet and percussion. This guitar was a great buy. It looks and sounds great. We were going to be in Spain for three weeks and I just wanted a guitar to play on my honeymoon. So our second day in Madrid, I played about 15 other guitars in three stores. I was going to buy a cheaper Alhambra that cost about $150 when my wife pointed this one out because it was "prettier". I tried it, loved it and bought it, even though it was more than I planned to spend. If I could find another I'd buy one for my Dad who wants to learn to play classical guitar at the age of 73.
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