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Savarez Classical Guitar Strings

Understanding the range of classical guitar strings offered by Savarez can be a bit of a challenge, even though they have kindly prepared an English version of most of their web site . We attempt here to provide a guide; please let us know if you spot any errors.

Savarez Development of Treble Strings in the Twentieth Century

Savarez is a French company dating back to 1770. It makes strings for all types of plucked and bowed instruments.

Trebles strings are the result of the major and definitely relevant innovation in guitar strings since many centuries.

SAVAREZ took profit of the discovery of a new synthetic material early in the 20th century : the nylon. It definitely took the place of the gut which had been used on musical baroque instruments and on classical guitars since their origin.

SAVAREZ brought two major improvements never offered to the musicians before and that have completely changed the world of guitar:

  • The rectifying technology which enables to get strings perfect in tune and being perfectly cylindrical.
  • The possibility to offer strings with accurate tensions as well as a choice of tensions.
  • 1 Red-Yellow-White Card Sets

    These are the well-established classic strings from Savarez with nylon trebles and plated and wound basses in a range of tensions.

    There are interesting special-purpose variants on the basic models where either treble or bass strings are varied. It seems a pity though that these variants are not available in all tensions.

    Treble Strings

    In each tension the strings are made of nylon manufactured according to a specific technology. This nylon is subjected to specific treatments in order to master the elongation, the elasticity, the cristallinity and relaxation properties.

    After checking its gauge, the string is rectified according to a technology which became highly elaborated thanks to the modern production process. The string is progressively and delicately modified to get a round shape and a regular gauge throughout its length. The surface is slightly polished in order to get a smooth touch while keeping a slight rough touch many guitarists, attached to it, are looking for.

    Bass Strings

    Silver plated copper wound on nylon

    In each tension, the string is obtained by winding a silver plated copper thread on a multifilament nylon string. The Innovation consisting in a corrosion protection coating on the outside winding was first introduced by SAVAREZ.

    The characteristics of the multifilament and of the silver plated copper thread are as essential as the quantity of each material used. The manufacturing process is an other decisive element as regard the sound, the response, the sustained sound, the easy string emission when playing.

    Tensions Available

    520R Normal tension, rectified monofilament nylon trebles, silver plated wound basses.

    520J High tension, rectified monofilament nylon trebles, silver plated wound basses.

    520B Low tension, rectified monofilament nylon trebles, silver plated wound basses.

    Special Variants

    Pure silver polished basses

    Innovation first introduced by SAVAREZ: the very first polished strings perfected by Savarez, designer of this concept! Wound with a pure silver wire, they enable a very accurate polishing eliminating the left hand squeak without altering its acoustics. Advised for stage performances or recordings because of their richness of sound.

    Tensions Available

    520RH High tension, rectified monofilament nylon trebles, polished silver wound basses.

    Wound G3 String

    A G3 string made of silver plated copper wound on nylong core. It offers a more powerful sound compared to a traditional nylon string. According to the characteristics of the guitar, it provides a better transition between the B2 and the D4 strings.

    Tensions Available

    520F Normal tension, rectified monofilament nylon treble E1 and B2 strings, silver-plated copper wound G3, silver plated wound basses.

    Flamenco Plastic Wound Trebles

    Plastic wound trebles on nylon multifilament core.

    Additional choice of tones and acoustics. They are particularly appreciated by Flamenco players. They can be used together or coupled with plain nylon strings.

    Tensions Available

    520P1 Normal tension, plastic wound trebles, silver plated wound basses.

    520P Normal tension, rectified monofilament nylon E1, plastic wound B2 and G3, silver plated wound basses.

    520P3 Normal tension, rectified monofilament nylon E1 and B2, plastic woundG3, silver plated wound basses.

    2 Cristal and Soliste Strings

    Cristal are a type of treble and Soliste a type of bass string. Cristal trebles are available with the same classic bass strings found in the Red-Yellow-White Card Sets and also coupled with Soliste basses.

    Cristal Treble Strings

    Cristal treble strings are made of the same monofilament nylon material as found in the Red-Yellow-White Card Sets but the finishing process and resulting playing qualities of the strings differ. They are clear and transparent in appearance.

    Launched about the end of the 60’s, CRISTAL trebles strings have been perfected thanks to the improvement of the monofilament nylon production technology. Then It has become possible to manufacture monofilament fibre which geometrical characteristics provide top-of-the-range strings. The string is round, its gauge is determined during the manufacturing process and is even throughout its length.

    Rectifying the monofilament in order do get a round shape and an accurate and regular gauge, is no longer needed.

    The even gauge assures the rightness of the string. The predetermination of the gauge enables to set the tension of each string and to offer various tensions.

    Despite the manufacturing accuracy, each string is checked by a laser ray device assisted by a computer programmed to check its shape and regularity and to measure its gauge.

    The only difference existing between the rectified strings (as featured in the Red-Yellow-White card sets) and the CRISTAL strings is that CRISTAL strings are not rectified thus offering a flat surface, a shiny and transparent appearance. Their tone and touch are different, it is up to the guitarist to make his own choice.

    Cristal strings have not taken the place of the rectified strings which are still appreciated for their surface which avoids slidings and brings accuracy in addition to their very own rather rich and mellow tone.

    Tensions Available

    570CR (RED CRISTAL) set: Normal tension, CRISTAL trebles, the same silver plated wound basses as found on. RED CARD sets.CARD.

    570CRH: Normal tension, Cristal trebles, polished traditional wound basses.

    Soliste Basses

    The SOLISTE basses have been launched in the same years as the CRISTAL strings to meet a growing demand for stiffer strings and for strings having a more brilliant tone.

    The SOLISTE strings have the same high tension found in the SAVAREZ YELLOW CARD.

    The difference in tune[tone] comes from a difference in the nylon multifilament proportions making the core and from the silver plated copper thread winding the core.

    Tensions Available

    570CS (CRISTAL SOLISTE) set: High tension, CRISTAL trebles, SOLISTE basses.

    Half Polished Soliste Basses

    The aim of these strings is to avoid the left hand squeaks while offering a sound and a durability as closer as possible to the characteristics of a round wound string but proposed at a very fair price without making concessions to quality.

    They are obtained by using a silver plated copper thread specially designed to be slightly polished after being wound on a nylon multifilament.

    The light polishing avoids the overheating harmful to the string. It is called polished because of its imperfect flat surface smoothened enough to avoid the left hand squeaks.

    Tensions Available

    570CH High tension, CRISTAL trebles, SOLISTES basses polished silver plated copper wound on nylon.

    3 Alliance / HT Classic

    These sets combine plain composite KF Alliance "carbon" trebles (also found in Alliance/Corum sets) with classic silver plated and wound basses. The KF ALLIANCE fibre used for the trebles has the same density and elongation properties as gut.

    KF Alliance Treble Strings

    These strings are made of the now well-known composite monofilament ALLIANCE KF (some people call them carbon strings) , exclusive to Savarez. Years of research have been necessary to adapt this material to the demands of the musicians and to get an outstanding product for music uses.

    The use of KF ALLIANCE material first introduced by Savarez, changed the world of guitar. The strings were first made of gut then made of nylon. The trebles are now made of a high technological material, very different from nylon : different elasticity, higher density, further longevity thanks to the very specific cristallinity grade.

    In fact we have been working on the following topics to guarantee the technological and acoustic qualities of this material to make it convenient for music strings :

    • Tensile strength,
    • Mastery of the elasticity and elongation,
    • Control of the geometrical regularity of the diameter for a perfect intonation. The gauge obtained is absolutely regular without resorting to a mechanical polishing. The string gauge control is done throughout the manufacturing process. The last laser control is done when packaging,
    • Solving the fraying phenomenon (defibrillation): typically bound to any composite material, due to the breaking of the links between molecules. This phenomenon leads to the appearance of small superficial threads (until the string breaks) under a given tension.

    We do actually master these various parameters. Thus we have the sufficient knowledge to adapt the material to the use of harmonic strings for other instruments: violin, harp, lute, etc.

    The KF ALLIANCE fibre has the same density and elongation properties as gut.

    Its density is higher than the polyamide fibres.

    The KF ALLIANCE strings are thinner than the nylon ones. They can resist a 35kg tension (harp).

    The low internal frictions between the molecules increase the durability of the string beside a sustained sound.

    (Mi-E1, Si-B2, Sol-G3) monofilament. The G-3rd string provides a great homogeneous transition between the B-2nd and the D-4th. It ideally balances with the other strings of the set in terms of sound quality. It is no more necessary to use a G wound string to balance the set.

    KF Alliance strings have the following Acoustic properties:

    • Bright tone and clean sound,
    • Richness of sound,
    • Very extensive possibilities,
    • Incomparable power and projection of the sound,
    • An even greater sustained sound,
    • Very clear sound on the high and very high positions.

    The Alliance/HT Classic Set Wound Basses

    Silver-plated wound strings on a stabilon multifilament core are made according to a more traditional design and elaborated technology to offer a fast response, a brighter and more brilliant sound. They are coated for corrosion protection.

    They are stiffer (giving the feeling of a stiff string, not to be confused with elasticity) and allow a powerful playing.

    They offer more resistance under the right hand fingers while facilitating the left hand velocity.

    They have the following acoustic characteristics:

    • Reach and brilliant tone,
    • Great projection,
    • Percussive sound, an accurate and quick response,
    • Sound and power.

    [Editor's note: Savarez offers the above description but it is not clear if the HT Classic Wound Basses are the same as the silver-plated copper wound over multifilament core found in the Red-Yellow-White Card Sets. Why they are called "HT" is not clear. It does not appear to mean "High Tension" as they are available in both normal and high tensions.]

    Tension Available

    540R Normal tension, KF Alliance trebles, HT Classic silver plated wound basses.

    540J High tension, KF Alliance trebles, HT Classic silver plated wound basses.

    540ARJ Normal/high tension, Normal tension KF Alliance trebles, High tension HT Classic silver plated wound basses.

    Polished HT Classic Basses

    Round silver wound polished ALLIANCE/HT CLASSIC basses.

    The string remains flexible thanks to the round winding.

    The polishing eliminates the left hand squeak and offers a smooth surface to the touch while keeping the former acoustic characteristics.

    Thanks to a very special technology they keep the high level characteristics offered by the round wound strings. They still offer:

    • a brilliance similar to the round wound strings,
    • a rich, mellow and bright sound thanks to the metal used for winding.

    Tension Available

    540RH Normal tension, KF Alliance trebles, Polished HT Classic silver plated wound basses.

    4 Alliance Corum

    These sets combine plain composite KF Alliance trebles (also found in Alliance/HT Classic sets) with Corum wound basses. The KF ALLIANCE fibre used for the trebles has the same density and elongation properties as gut.

    "The CORUM basses offers a perfect balance coupled with the KF ALLIANCE trebles, exclusive to Savarez."


    [See section on Trebles under 3 Alliance / HT Classic above]

    Corum Wound Basses - The Basses Revolution

    The second fundamental SAVAREZ innovation These silver plated wound basses represent a second revolution in the world of guitar (KF ALLIANCE composite fibre trebles being the first revolution). They are the only one to offer an exceptional flexibility associated with the proper stiffness. They also offer an improved pliability compared to the traditional strings.

    Our technological discoveries enable us to manufacture strings of greater pliability unlike anything else in the world, offering a very quick and accurate response.

    Their flexibility allows the musician to build his own sound, to create many other colours of sounds and nuances.

    Their design has been based on a reduction of the internal frictions. The string hardly vibrates, the sound lasts longer at a higher level.

    The CORUM basses offers a perfect balance coupled with the KF ALLIANCE trebles, exclusive to Savarez.

    When playing, the CORUM basses high tension, blue colour, offer a normal tension string feeling (ease in playing without extra efforts). They possess all the characteristics of a high tension string (velocity, support, quick response, etc).

    Corum wound basses have the following playing characteristics:

    • Flexibility,
    • Quick response to be compared to a high tension string,
    • Brilliant, accurate and direct sound,
    • Clean sound,
    • Longer sustain and volume,
    • Ease in playing,
    • Tremendous increase in sound modulation and expressive possibilities (expressiveness, nuances, more sound colours).

    Tensions Available

    500AR Normal tension, KF Alliance trebles, Corum basses.

    500AJ High tension, KF Alliance trebles, Corum basses.

    500ARJ Normal / High tension, Normal tension KF Alliance trebles, High tension Corum basses.

    The Polished Corum Basses

    Round wound CORUM basses, polished fine silver, keeping the same high flexibility and outstanding characteristics of the unpolished CORUM basses.

    Thanks to a very special technology they keep the technological characteristics and acoustics properties offered by the round wound strings.

    Their durability is higher than any other polished string.

    The polishing eliminates the left hand squeaks.

    Because of their colourful sound, they are ideal for recordings and amplified performances on stage.

    The polished Corum basses have the following characteristics:

    • Flexibility,
    • Speed of the response to be compared to a high tension string,
    • No left hand squeak,
    • Rich, direct and accurate sound.
    • Clarity,
    • Sustained sound and higher volume level,
    • Ease in playing,
    • Larger possibilities in sound modulation and expressiveness.

    Tensions Available

    500ARH Normal tension, KF Alliance trebles, Pure silver wound Corum basses.

    500RH3 Normal tension, Pure silver Corum basses - 3 bass strings only.

    5 New Crystal Corum

    These sets combine the non-rectified Crystal trebles with Corum wound basses.


    The treble strings are known as "New Crystal"


    Please see the section on Basses under 4 Alliance Corum above.

    Tensions Available

    500CR Normal tension, New Crystal clear nylon trebles, Corum basses.

    500CJ High tension, New Crystal clear nylon trebles, Corum basses.

    500CRJ Normal / High tension, Normal tension New Crystal clear nylon trebles, High tension Corum basses.

    500PR Normal tension, "Nylon nu rectifie" trebles, Corum basses.

    6 Strings for Special Guitars

    Savarez also make strings for a number of special guitars in a range of materials and tensions.

    "Guitare a Cordier"

    "Guitare a l'octave inferieure "

    Classic 4-string Bass Guitar

    Guitar with supplementary Bass Strings

    Alternative individual treble strings including more than 1 type of G3 string.

    We stock many Savarez strings .

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