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Classical Guitar Articles

Articles on various guitar topics from various sources.

Adjusting String Action on a Classical or Flamenco Guitar

It is not hard to adjust the action on a nylon strung guitar. The important thing is to know what the pros and cons are before... (Full Article...)

An Alternative Method of Tying Off Strings at the Bridge

The traditional method of tying the string off at the bridge is to thread the string through the bridge hole and loop it... (Full Article...)

Aquila Gut and Silk Strings - tips to avoid breakage

Aquila Gut and Silk strings are made in the historical way and are suitable for period instruments and playing. They are... (Full Article...)

Armin & Mario Gropp

Makers of Classical Guitars and Lutes

The father and son luthiers Armin and Mario Gropp work in a corner of Eastern Germany near the Czech border where there is a... (Full Article...)

Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme helps save VAT when buying for school pupils

The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme is a UK governement programme which allows children at school to obtain musical... (Full Article...)

Augustine Classical Guitar Strings - an Overview

Augustine strings were made famous by Andre Segovia (on Ramirez guitars I believe). There are 12 different sets... (Full Article...)

Binding, Purfling, and Kerfing

The top, back and rim of a classical guitar body are very thin (1-2 mm), so a flexible piece of wood called kerfing (because... (Full Article...)

Bridge Bone Beads - Instructions

Rosette Guitar Products These notes are written by Rosette Guitar Products and are included with each set of... (Full Article...)

Can I Play Classical / Classical Style Music on a Flamenco Guitar?

I have been asked this question several times and so thought I would publish a summary of my answer here. My simple... (Full Article...)

Care of your Guitar

Your New Guitar from Classical Guitars PLUS

When you receive your guitar put the guitar still in its hard case (or box if there is no case supplied) in the... (Full Article...)

Caring for a French Polished Guitar

Most luthiers would say that French Polish is acoustically the best finish to apply to a quality guitar. It looks good. It... (Full Article...)

Changing strings on Hanika 12 hole tie block bridge

The 12-hole tie block bridge has advantages More secure attachment of strings Better break angle of... (Full Article...)

Classical guitar strings - Warnings and Tips

In my experience, classical guitar strings have a life expectancy of between 1 second and 100 years. They can snap for no... (Full Article...)

Classical Guitar Technique

from Wikepedia

The following notes are taken from a Wikepedia article on... (Full Article...)

Classical Guitars and Flamenco Guitars

Classical guitars and flamenco guitars are different instruments both in terms of construction and materials. These differences... (Full Article...)

Classical Guitars and the Environment

It is unlikely that the production of classical guitars is the worst culprit when it comes to the threat to endangered... (Full Article...)


Cookies are small text files stored by your device when you access most websites on the internet. We will use two types of... (Full Article...)

Curing Rattle from Loose Jack Socket Nut

The Problem If you are "lucky", you will know you have a loose jack socket nut because you can feel with your... (Full Article...)

Customers Outside the UK and Ireland

We have suspended delivery services to some countries. The reasons are - The costs of complying with... (Full Article...)

Customers write...

"Feel free to publish the following on your website. Having recently bought a relatively expensive guitar unseen via... (Full Article...)

Customised Classical guitars by Armin Hanika

A gallery of customised Hanika guitars we have had built for our customers

Hanika... (Full Article...)

Customs Duties and Other Import Costs

When a guitar from us is sent to a customer in a country outside the EU then the customer is responsbile for import duties and... (Full Article...)

Fishman Prefix Premium Blend Acoustic Guitar System, Onboard Blender with Chromatic Tuner and Adjustable Microphone

Fitted to Alhambra Guitars with the code "E5"

The Fishman Prefix Premium Blend Acoustic Guitar system is an optional extra on (Full Article...)

Fixing brittle fingernails

This is a completely mad tip that comes with a government health warning. I picked this one up from an American guitar site... (Full Article...)

Fixing Stiff Machine Heads

This is one of those "tips" I dread giving for fear that those of you with expensive finishes are going to sue me for... (Full Article...)

Free Set Up On All Guitars

All guitars we sell are checked when they arrive here from the makers and again before they leave. We do this because we want... (Full Article...)

Gropp "Artist" Model Classical Guitar - Some First Impressions

Stephen Yates spent a couple of hours in our "studio" (a mid-sized room with a quite firm acoustic) playing a... (Full Article...)

Gropp guitars - choice of strings

Customer Dave Paul writes - ...I have been playing a Mario Gropp guitar bought in 2004 which is a very fine instrument. He... (Full Article...)

Hanika Guitars on the Internet

Your can hear Hanika guitars and read comments by Hankia owners and others at (Full Article...)

Hannabach String Tensions

Hannabach make a wonderful range of hand-made... (Full Article...)

How to Raise the Action of your Strings

Are your strings buzzing against your frets when you play? Do you think you could get more volume out of your guitar if only... (Full Article...)

I Play Steel String Guitar and Want to Take Up the Classical Guitar...

I often have conversations about what is involved in making the transition from playing a steel string guitar to playing a... (Full Article...)

If Your Guitar Arrives Damaged

First - please accept our apologies. We check everything very carefully and photograph it before we pack it. We then pack it... (Full Article...)

Important Instructions when the Courier delivers your guitar

When the guitar is delivered - Please sign for it adding "CONTENTS NOT CHECKED" (or a translation of this if... (Full Article...)

International Guitar Sales

This article has partly been superceded by another - (Full Article...)

Intonation on the Classical Guitar

Intonation basically means playing in tune. (It should not be confused with the quality of the guitar's sound - its... (Full Article...)

Kantare Guitar Reviews and Comments on the Internet

Kantare guitars have not been around long enough to have attracted a lot of reviews. In this piece - created January 2007 - I... (Full Article...)

Liikanen Kantare I500C Reviewed by Elizabeth and William Baulch

This is very well made and beautiful to look at: the soundboard on the guitar we played was a lovely quality piece of cedar... (Full Article...)

Liikanen Lens Resonance System(R)

What is LRS? The "Lens Resonance System®" (LRS) is a unique patented soundboard construction for acoustic guitars and other... (Full Article...)

Liikanen Lens Resonance System(R) - Reviews on the Internet

Liikanen's classical guitars built with the Lens Resonance System(R) have not yet been widely reviewed. There are two reviews... (Full Article...)

Liikanen Tukeva Classical Guitar Knee Support Assembly Instructions

The Liikanen Tukeva supports the classical guitar on the knee and raises it up. It is used instead of a foot stool and allows... (Full Article...)

Low Action - It's not all benefits

We all want low action. Don't we?? If you play both classical and electric guitars then you get used to the fact that the... (Full Article...)

Making Your Strings Last

Every Guitarist knows that their instrument sounds great with new strings but quickly loses its sparkle. There are four main... (Full Article...)

Milestones of Music

Guitars made as a tribute to master luthiers of the last 250 years

Milestones of Music is an inspired project!! "Inspired"... (Full Article...)

My Nut Falls Out when I Restring my Guitar...

The nut on most quality classical guitars is NOT glued into place. It should be very slightly narrower than the nut slot and so... (Full Article...)

Nickel and the Classical Guitar

2017 has seen renewed concern about problems of exposure of the skin to Nickel. Nickel is used in guitar frets and also in... (Full Article...)

Our Customer wins First Prize in International Competition

Do Tuan Viet won first prize in the Hannabach International competition in Hanoi playing a Hanika Lattice Natural

Do Tuan Viet selected a (Full Article...)

Our Overseas Customers

Over a 15 month period, our overseas customers came from 36 countries... (Full Article...)

Relative Humidity

- and what it means for guitars

Relative humidity is the ratio of the amount of water vapor in air to the maximum amount of water vapor that could be in the... (Full Article...)

Replacing the tailpiece on a Maccaferri guitar

The tailpieces on Maccaferri guitars can snap. Why? I cannot pretend I have the... (Full Article...)

Returning a Guitar

If you are returning a guitar to us please follow these suggestions. Please contact us before sending a guitar back so... (Full Article...)

Review of Liikanen Kantare LO58CW and I500C

Stephen Gartshore, a guitar teacher from Hampshire, tried out 2 Liikanen Kantare guitars for us. Stephen has a particular... (Full Article...)

RMC Poly-Drive II Battery

To change the battery in the RMC Poly-Drive II, Disconnect the RMC Poly-Drive II from instrument, amplifier and... (Full Article...)

Safety First! when re-stringing your guitar

Have you ever had the knot at the bridge come undone under tension? Have you seen the damage that is caused when the tail of... (Full Article...)

Savarez Classical Guitar Strings

Understanding the range of classical guitar strings offered by Savarez can be a bit of a challenge, even though they have... (Full Article...)

Set Up

I planned to write an article on basic guitar set up but Charles Tauber has said so much about it already that his article is... (Full Article...)

Setting Up a Maccaferri Jazz Guitar

Typical modern Maccaferri (Django style) guitars include Saga Cigano GJ-10 Oval hole Saga... (Full Article...)

Smaller-Sized Guitars - Choosing the right size

If you have a guitar teacher, please take their advice over anything you read here. They know you best!! The makers... (Full Article...)

Special Guitars for promising students

Featuring some Special Guitars for promising students ... (Full Article...)

String Action on Hanika Guitars

From January 2016, all Hanika guitars will be supplied with 2 saddles: one giving a high string action (approx. 4.3mm on... (Full Article...)

String Buzz

I planned to write an article on string buzzing but Paul McGill has said so much about it already that his article is probably... (Full Article...)

String Spacing on Hanika Guitars

These are the string spacings on Hanika guitars of varying nut width. The measurements are in mm and are taken from string... (Full Article...)

Tone Woods

The influence of the woods used in your guitar upon its sound

The woods used in the construction of musical instruments are called tone woods. The guitar's value and quality are... (Full Article...)

Using an Electronic Guitar Tuner - A few tips

Get the most out of your electronic tuner. Here are some basic tips gained from experience. Make sure the tuner... (Full Article...)

What is string tension?

Tension is the amount of force that must be put onto the string to bring it up to pitch. Generally... (Full Article...)

What Makes a Guitar Left-Handed?

We were asked whether any of the travel guitars we sell could be supplied in left handed versions. The unfortunate answer is... (Full Article...)

Where 'Catgut' Strings Really Come From

Catgut is the name applied to cord of great toughness and tenacity prepared from the intestines of sheep/goat, or... (Full Article...)

Which instrument should a Classical Guitar Student Chose?

I was asked by a man who had become a classical guitar student as an adult what his choice of guitar should be.... (Full Article...)

Yamaha Electronics Guide

A quick reference guide to the specifications of Yamaha pickups.

Yamaha NTX and NCX ranges of guitar - Neck widths and String Spacing

Many people ask about changing the string spacing on these guitars, particularly on NTX models. To begin, here are... (Full Article...)

Yamaha's Classical Guitar Range

The CG Series - Standard Models The CG series features 10 different models and has been designed with a focus... (Full Article...)

Yamaha's NCX and NTX Series - Electro Nylon-strung Cutaway Guitars

Yamaha's NX series guitars are designed to meet the needs of different playing styles. The nine models that make up the... (Full Article...)


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