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Alhambra 5P CT E2

Roger Dalton, November 2009

(30th November 2009)

Just a short note to let you know how thrilled I am with my Alhambra [5P CT E2] guitar, particularly now that Iíve played it in a little. Itís everything that IĎd hoped for. Itíll take me some time to master the Fishman pre-amp, but Iím getting there.... (More...)

Alhambra 9P

Davy Van Laere, Belgium, October 2009

(31st October 2009)

I've had the [Alhambra] 9P for a week now, and must say i'm really happy with it. Very nice craftsmanship and details, and the sound is much more full than my model C1! I tried recording myself with this guitar, and in the recording it is really obvious... (More...)

Alhambra CS-3 CW A E5

Nigel Tuffs, 26/10/2009

(26th October 2009)

Many thanks for all your help and patience on Monday. I'm very pleased with the Alhambra [CS-3 CW A E5], it feels just right for the work I'm doing at present, so a job well done!I received the bung and bits 'n' pieces in the post so thanks for that... (More...)

Alhambra CS-3 CW E5

Richard Melling 23/10/2009

(23rd October 2009)

Thank you very much for forwarding the guitar tuner - which successfullybeat the post strike and arrived today.Well done.Positive customer testimony to follow in about another 10 days. (Tied upwith other things at the moment). Still delighted with... (More...)

Alhambra 4P

Jill Waterson 16/7/2009

(16th July 2009)

Just to let you know that my guitar [Alhambra 4P Classical Guitar Solid German Spruce soundboard] arrived safely today (Thursday). I am very pleased with it. Thank you. (More...)

Alhambra 6P

Mateusz Pitak, 08/07/2009

(8th July 2009)

The guitar [Alhambra 6P Spruce soundboard] has arrived safe and seems to be OK :). Sounds great and it is a really pleasure to play on it. I hope that it will sounds better and better within few weeks/months. I have other Raimundo guitar which is... (More...)

Alhambra 9P

RegardsDag Skarvang, Norway 08/07/2009

(8th July 2009)

I am now getting more used to the new guitar [Alhambra 9P Spruce soundboard] and I am very pleased with how it sounds. I really think I got good value for the money. I am using it in a concert on thursday, playing with a singer and a flute player. (More...)

Alhambra 9P

Rob Scragg 7/7/2009

(7th July 2009)

I've spent three weeks with the Alhambra 9P now and having played it quite a lot, I must admit I love it. I've been learning the classical guitar on a 36 year old Alhambra 1C for about 6 years now. The old 1C is a nice guitar but I can't believe the... (More...)

Alhambra 7FC

Dr. Patrick Ross 30/6/2009

(30th June 2009)

My Alhambra 7FC and case arrived safely this afternoon as planned. I have to thank you for your advice over the last few months. I have to say that I was a little apprehensive to buy a guitar without playing it, but I trusted you and you delivered. My... (More...)

Alhambra 4P left handed model

Wayne Oyston 25/06/2009

(25th June 2009)

Just had to email you to let you know how pleased I am with the Alhambra 4P [left handed model], it's truely a gorgeous instrument with an amazing tone, lovely, can't put it. My long time guitar tutor was also suitable impressed.Many thanks too for your... (More...)

Alhambra 9P

Cheryl Oxley, Australia 24/06/2009

(24th June 2009)

Just wanted to let you know that the guitar [Alhambra 9P] has arrived - very excited household here!!Thank you so very much for all of your assistance and support -it has arrived in less than a week, delivered to my door.My son will be the one to open it... (More...)

Alhambra 4PA

Helen McIntosh 24/06/2009

(24th June 2009)

Just to say thanks for sending the guitar [Alhambra 4PA spruce soundboard], my partner really likes it (More...)

Alhambra 9PA

Dag Skarvang, Norway, 20/6/2009

(20th June 2009)

I just want to inform you that my guitar [Alhambra 9PA withspruce soundboard] has arrived. Everything is in perfect order, and I amvery pleased with the sound after the first few hours of playing. Theoverall setup is very good, I like the action as it... (More...)

Alhambra 9P

Rob Scragg, 16/6/2009

(16th June 2009)

Hi. Just to let you know that the Alhambra 9P has arrived safely ... Thank you for the fast,efficient, and extremely friendly srevice. I'll have no psoblemrecommending your site to other people. I'll have a play on the guitarthis evening and let you know... (More...)

Alhambra CS-3 CW A E5

Marc PARINGAUX, France 11/6/2009

(11th June 2009)

Just a small mail to tell you how happy I am with my guitar [Alhambra CS-3 CW A E5].A good guitar makes a lot of difference and I have now a lot of work tocatch upThank you again for your good advices and service.By the way, am not going to change the... (More...)

Alhambra 4P

Andrew Hosker, 27/1/2009

(27th January 2009)

Hello, Before Christmas I ordered an Alhambra 4P Classcial andhave loved playing it ever since. Also, the customer service afterpurchasing it was next to none; was really nice to have a personalconversation! (More...)

Alhambra J

Quiller Brooke, 23/1/2009

(23rd January 2009)

I just wanted to thank you for your help in choosing such asplendid guitar! I'm very pleased with my purchase, and can't put itdown! (More...)


Mark Tigwell, Canberra, 21/1/2009

(21st January 2009)

Further to my email of last Friday just a quick note to advisethe guitar was opened and found to have arrived in perfect condition.Our son is thrilled with the instrument and it is apparent to ouruntrained ears that the tone of the instrument is very fine... (More...)

Alhambra 7P

RobertHolly, Dorset, 18/1/2009

(18th January 2009)

I am glad to say that I placed my order with your company. Ifound you and your staff to be very polite and professional. Yourenthusiasm Nick was contagious. I couldn't resist buying the 7P aftertalking with you. I will say however, do not worry about... (More...)


Eric Lever 10/1/2009

(10th January 2009)

Thanks for your level of concern re my Alhambra purchase. I didin fact pick it up myself from the UPS depot last night. Mostimportantly I'm very pleased with the guitar. I can see no visible signof the repaired damage that led to the price reduction, the... (More...)

Alhambra CS-3 CW E5

Peter Elshout, Netherlands, 8/1/2009.

(8th January 2009)

The guitar [Alhambra CS-3 CW E5] was delivered today in perfectcondition. It is all I hoped it would be! The playability is amazing,and the sound is nicely balanced. Thank you for the good advice andservice. (More...)

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