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Gropp Concert Model in Spruce and Maple

Peter Sorton, February 2010

(14th February 2010)

"Feel free to publish the following on your website. Having recently bought a relatively expensive guitar unseen via the Internet [from another supplier] and been disappointed I was wary of making the same mistake twice. I need not have worried. I... (More...)

Esteve 12

Philip Aspinall, December 2009

(31st December 2009)

Just to let you know that the guitar [Esteve 12] arrived safely, have already had a play and it sounds great. Will allow the string to settle and let you know how i progress. (More...)

Esteve 9C/B

Mike Hall, November 2009

(30th November 2009)

Just wanted to give you an update on the Esteve 9C/B and bits and pieces that Trish and I came down to Devon to buy for my 50th Birthday present.We both really enjoyed coming down to meet with you and have the chance to play several different guitars... (More...)

Hanika 56PF

Les Tranter, October 2009

(31st October 2009)

I purchased a Hanika 56PF from you back in January. I would appreciate some advice on guitar care, particularly for the fingerboard. I use Planet Waves Shine periodically for the rest of the guitar but am reluctant to use this for fingerboard until... (More...)

Alhambra 9P

Davy Van Laere, Belgium, October 2009

(31st October 2009)

I've had the [Alhambra] 9P for a week now, and must say i'm really happy with it. Very nice craftsmanship and details, and the sound is much more full than my model C1! I tried recording myself with this guitar, and in the recording it is really obvious... (More...)

Esteve 9C/B

John Clark 24/10/2009

(24th October 2009)

The guitar [Esteve 9C/B] arrived safely yesterday as promised ...What a beautiful instrument it is. Needless to say that I am highly delighted! I love the resonating bass and the sweet treble. This is a guitar that really responds to your playing,... (More...)

Liikanen A in Spruce and Indian rosewood

Tim Morse, California, 22/10/2009

(22nd October 2009)

The guitar [Liikanen A in spruce and Indian rosewood ] arrived today. I am over-joyed! ^.^I have been playing it all day. I think it's great.Thanks for everything. (More...)

Esteve 9 C/B

Mike Donovan (by phone) 16/10/2009

(16th October 2009)

[Esteve 9 C/B] arrived safe and sound ... tremendously thrilled ... very, very pleased ... appreciate all the guidance (More...)

Water Mill WG-310

Brian Steel 16/10/2009

(16th October 2009)

Hi,guitar [Water Mill WG-310] arrived today safe and well, Delivered faster than a Django solo!!!,plays just great ,loud sweet bright trebles and a fine bass ,should improve with me with time.your service is fantastic and i would certainly recommend you... (More...)

Liikanen L100C

Jane, 16/9/2009

(16th September 2009)

Thank you - the guitar [Liikanen L100C] has arrived! My son is delighted and will get toknow his new possession over the next few days. (More...)

Ramirez E4

David Cox 30/8/2009

(30th August 2009)

My wife, Alison says that she always knows when I am playing the E4 because it sings"." (More...)

Hanika 60PC NAT

Bob Pryor, Midlothian, 29/07/2009 [by phone]

(29th July 2009)

The Hanika 60PC NAT "arrived safe and sound" is "perfect ... lovely ... absolutely spanking" ... "thanks for all your help" (More...)

Alhambra 4P

Jill Waterson 16/7/2009

(16th July 2009)

Just to let you know that my guitar [Alhambra 4P Classical Guitar Solid German Spruce soundboard] arrived safely today (Thursday). I am very pleased with it. Thank you. (More...)

Alhambra 6P

Mateusz Pitak, 08/07/2009

(8th July 2009)

The guitar [Alhambra 6P Spruce soundboard] has arrived safe and seems to be OK :). Sounds great and it is a really pleasure to play on it. I hope that it will sounds better and better within few weeks/months. I have other Raimundo guitar which is... (More...)

Alhambra 9P

RegardsDag Skarvang, Norway 08/07/2009

(8th July 2009)

I am now getting more used to the new guitar [Alhambra 9P Spruce soundboard] and I am very pleased with how it sounds. I really think I got good value for the money. I am using it in a concert on thursday, playing with a singer and a flute player. (More...)

Alhambra 9P

Rob Scragg 7/7/2009

(7th July 2009)

I've spent three weeks with the Alhambra 9P now and having played it quite a lot, I must admit I love it. I've been learning the classical guitar on a 36 year old Alhambra 1C for about 6 years now. The old 1C is a nice guitar but I can't believe the... (More...)

Esteve 12

Dr Kieran McKenna, 01/07/2009

(1st July 2009)

Guitar [Esteve 12, cedar soundboard] has arrived safe and sound and very much in the time frame promised.Your eyesight must be better than mine as I could not find any flaw of any significance. The tone and playability of guitar are very suited to my... (More...)

Alhambra 4P left handed model

Wayne Oyston 25/06/2009

(25th June 2009)

Just had to email you to let you know how pleased I am with the Alhambra 4P [left handed model], it's truely a gorgeous instrument with an amazing tone, lovely, can't put it. My long time guitar tutor was also suitable impressed.Many thanks too for your... (More...)

Alhambra 9P

Cheryl Oxley, Australia 24/06/2009

(24th June 2009)

Just wanted to let you know that the guitar [Alhambra 9P] has arrived - very excited household here!!Thank you so very much for all of your assistance and support -it has arrived in less than a week, delivered to my door.My son will be the one to open it... (More...)

Alhambra 4PA

Helen McIntosh 24/06/2009

(24th June 2009)

Just to say thanks for sending the guitar [Alhambra 4PA spruce soundboard], my partner really likes it (More...)

Alhambra 9PA

Dag Skarvang, Norway, 20/6/2009

(20th June 2009)

I just want to inform you that my guitar [Alhambra 9PA withspruce soundboard] has arrived. Everything is in perfect order, and I amvery pleased with the sound after the first few hours of playing. Theoverall setup is very good, I like the action as it... (More...)

Hanika 59sf

Stephen Ivory 19/6/2009

(19th June 2009)

Thanks for the time you gave me to try your guitars, it reallyhelped me to find the right instrument. The chosen Hanika 59sf has turned out to be even better than I initially thought. It is bright andresponsive over the entire fret board and a delight to... (More...)

Liikanen Kantare I500C

Ewaryst Izewski, Austria, 17/6/2009

(17th June 2009)

The [Liikanen] Kantare I500C guitar arrived safely yesterday. It's a lovely instrument and I'm glad I've bought it on special offer as those tinyfinish imperfection don't matter at all. I am going to keep the original strings for a while and I'll let you... (More...)

Alhambra 9P

Rob Scragg, 16/6/2009

(16th June 2009)

Hi. Just to let you know that the Alhambra 9P has arrived safely ... Thank you for the fast,efficient, and extremely friendly srevice. I'll have no psoblemrecommending your site to other people. I'll have a play on the guitarthis evening and let you know... (More...)

Hanika 1aP

Michael Munns, 10/6/2009

(10th June 2009)

I received the guitar [Hanika 1aP] just after I got home from work and haven'treally put it down since then. It is every bit as wonderful as youdescribed so I'm afraid I won't be sending it back. I also wanted to saya big thank you for all your advice at... (More...)

Hanika 52AF

Richard Zahler 10/6/2009

(10th June 2009)

... the [Hanika AF52] guitar is beautiful. Lovely action. The only thing you werewrong on Nick was to advise me to give it 2 weeks before gigging. Ireceived it 10 a.m. Friday and I was gigging 8 p.m. Friday. I couldn'thandle doing another gig with my old... (More...)

Alhambra 4P

Andrew Hosker, 27/1/2009

(27th January 2009)

Hello, Before Christmas I ordered an Alhambra 4P Classcial andhave loved playing it ever since. Also, the customer service afterpurchasing it was next to none; was really nice to have a personalconversation! (More...)

Liikanen A

Philip Lawson, Dublin, 23/1/2009

(23rd January 2009)

I was going to wait another few days before writing back to seehow the sound settled in after a few days of continuous playing, butit's received pretty much continuous playing since i got it so here wego.On first impression, what struck me straight away... (More...)


Mark Tigwell, Canberra, 21/1/2009

(21st January 2009)

Further to my email of last Friday just a quick note to advisethe guitar was opened and found to have arrived in perfect condition.Our son is thrilled with the instrument and it is apparent to ouruntrained ears that the tone of the instrument is very fine... (More...)

Alhambra 7P

RobertHolly, Dorset, 18/1/2009

(18th January 2009)

I am glad to say that I placed my order with your company. Ifound you and your staff to be very polite and professional. Yourenthusiasm Nick was contagious. I couldn't resist buying the 7P aftertalking with you. I will say however, do not worry about... (More...)

Aparicio AA100

Derek Danks, 2/1/2009

(2nd January 2009)

Nick just a few lines to let you know how pleased I am with mynew guitar (Aparicio AA100) purchased end of October. As you know I hada couple of concerns regarding the string height and a little bit ofbuzz" on the A (5th) string. However, the new strings... (More...)

Hanika 58AF

Eric Savarit, France, 30/12/2008

(30th December 2008)

...maybe i skipped this email due to my moving during hollidaysanyhow, the guitar arrived safely 1 hour ago, my first words arematching my first impression while playing the first notes, and they are: wow... it rings just exactly as i was looking for, the... (More...)

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