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Hanika 1a Custom 1389-15 - Nicholas Mahoney.

Buying on the Internet?

All guitars are thoroughly checked and expertly set-up before they leave. Fully insured courier and extremely careful packing.

"The Guitar arrived today, in perfect condition. And what a beautiful piece! Our classical guitar lecturer Karsten Andersen and associate Professor Tore-Morten Andreassen were very pleased", Music Conservatory The Arctic University of Norway

Hanika 1a - head detail.

The Hanika Range - is now available at

We have long been the principal UK stockist for these magnificent German-made classical guitars.

And now, together with the makers, Hanika Gitarren, we have launched this new web-site devoted exclusively to Hanika guitars in both standard and customised formats.

"The guitar has a beautiful, warm and lovely sound" José, 18 June 2019, Hanika 50PC

Since 2006 we have developed our expertise for those wanting to take advantage of Hanika's customisation services.

You can still see the Hanika range on this web site....

Milestones - Inspired Guitars!!

"Inspired" in the colloquial sense : a great idea which has resulted in some magnificent guitars at very accessible prices.

Inspired too in the literal sense : each model incorporates the key features of great instruments made by the historical masters. More...

Milestones Alemagna - heel.

Classical Guitars and the Environment

It is unlikely that the production of classical guitars is the worst culprit when it comes to the threat to the environment but they have traditionally been made with woods which are now on the CITES list of endangered species.

Having a guitar which has some CITES listed woods in it can be a problem when crossing international borders and some players may simply prefer to have guitars made of woods which are not on the list.

We have a number of guitars which are beautiful to play and environmentally sound in our Sustainable Woods section.


Hanika 50KF-N Classical Guitar - Soundhole.
"It's fantastic, my God it's amazing" Grant 8/3/2019 Hanika 56AF-N

Take advantage of our Special/Custom Set-up-

All our guitars are professionally inspected and expertly set-up to play at their best. With some well-known factory brands with which we are very familiar we also offer special/custom set up options.

Yamaha NCX1200R - Soundhole.

Yamaha Crossover Models

The NTX and NCX series offer a choice of nylon-strung crossover style, electro-acoustic guitars.

These guitars are optimised for the stage but their acoustic, unamplified sound benefits greatly from fitting a bone saddle along with brighter, higher tension strings, and (optionally) bridge beads.

We have around a decade's experience offering these modifications, with the added benefit that we can set the string action to the new owner's preference.

"Thanks for your time and advice on Saturday, the guitar [Yamaha NCX900FM] sounds fantastic" Stephen Woodman, November 2009

Cordoba Orchestra CE Crossover Classical Guitar.


These very well-made, mostly factory guitars, come to life when the strings are upgraded and bridge beads are fitted.

Call us to discuss the choice of strings which will best meet your requirements - brighter or mellower, bass or treble emphasised or both equalised. After these are fitted, the neck relief is checked and reset if needed as varying string tensions affect this. We recommend the use of bridge beads to increase the break angle of the string over the saddle with all the benefits this brings.


Smaller-Sized and Left-Handed Guitars

Not everyone wants a full-size, right-handed classical guitar. But finding high quality smaller-sized and left-handed guitars is not easy.

La Mancha Rubi CM-53 - soundboard.

Smaller-Sized Guitars

The La Mancha Rubi CM range comes in full-size, as well as 7/8, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 sizes. The makers have gone to a great deal of trouble to squeeze the absolute maximum of tone out of the smaller bodies. Surprisingly few if any other makers go to such extents with their smaller-sized instruments: composite strings, bone nuts and saddles, and 12 hole tie block bridges.

These guitars are not toys and are not the cheapest out there. But if you want as high a quality small-scale guitar for yourself or your kids as is currently available, these are the ones to choose.

The La Mancha range has repeatedly been awarded the European Guitar Teachers Association awards and is endorsed by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

If you are on a very tight budget then we try to keep other brands in stock.

Left-Handed Guitars

We try to keep a range of left-handed models in stock and if you don't see what you want there, please phone as some of our right handed models are available to special order as "lefties".

If you are looking for a top quality instrument in the 700 to 7000 price range, then you would be hard-pressed to do better than to order a Hanika. All Hanika models are available left-handed to special order for only a small additional cost.


Lattice-braced and Double-top Guitars

A number of important European luthiers are building instruments with double-top or lattice-braced soundboards.

Camps GL-40 - Soundhole.
Powerful and elegant double-top guitar from Hermanos Camps. Camps double top GL40
Liikanen Double Top - DT361 - Soundhole.
Liikanen Double Top

This guitar has a double top soundboard construction combined with Liikanen's famous LRS bracing system. For ease of play it has a slightly curved (radiused) fingerboard. For reasons of intonation it has a compensated nut as well as compensated saddle.

"...magnificent...the intonation is simply the best...the neck has such a positive feel..." Stephen Yates

Esteve Artista Membrane Classical Guitar - Membrane.
Esteve Artista Membrane

The soundboard design of the Esteve Artista Mebrane guitar was developed jointly by Manuael Adalid of Spain and Dieter Hopf of Germany. It is "double-topped," but only in an oval section of the lower bout. The guitar has an unique tone

Hanika Lattice Natural.
Hanika Lattice

The Hanika Lattice has an ultrathin domed and lattice braced spruce soundboard.

From 2016 available in 3 versions : Natural, HE and 1A. All have the same soundboard but differ in finish - natural, high-gloss, French polish, and tone woods - Indian rosewood, Palo Escrito, Ziricote.

Milestones Alemagna.
Milestones Alemagna

A guitar modelled directly on the instruments of Matthias Dammann who pioneered the double top soundboard for the classical guitar in the late 1980s

The extremely light soundboard sandwiches a layer of Nomex in between very thin pieces of cedar and spruce. The whole is lattice braced for the stiffness which is essential in this design.

"About Us..."

Professional and Helpful Service

My name is Nicholas Mahoney. I have played the classical guitar as an enthusiastic amateur since 1967. If you want to know about any of the guitars we sell please phone and ask for me or use the Contact Us link to send me a message.

I personally -

  • Check and play every guitar when it arrives and ask our suppliers to sort out any problems I find
  • Spend time with everyone who comes to try guitars in our small studio
  • Check and play every guitar before it is handed over to a courier for delivery.

If you are unhappy in any way with anything you buy from us then please phone and ask for me. I will do my very best to sort things out.

Aparicio AA90F AA50 AA100 AA80 AA200E AA70.

Visitors to our Shop Said...

"Talking to another musician makes such a change" Jonathan, 1/6/2010

"You have so many more (cutaway electro classical) guitars to choose from than any of the major London stores I visited last month"
Wendy Partridge, February 2010

"...thank you for excellent service and for selling me a fantastic guitar. ... you were very welcoming and allowed me to try out the instruments without ever trying to sway me in order to make a sale."
Paul Trudgian, February 2010

Free Checkup!!

Bring your guitar in. We will check -

  • neck relief
  • neck alignment
  • tuners
  • frets
  • nut
  • saddle
  • action
  • strings
  • pickup/preamp (if fitted)

And answer any questions you have. Please phone (01363 881174) to agree a day and time.


Historical Guitars

Esteve Hauser Classical Guitar in Case.

Manual Adalid's "Hauser"

Milestones Romantica.

Milestones Romantica

John Alvey Turner - soundboard.
A Guitar of the French School in spruce and maple.

Believed to be 19th century and from the John Alvey Turner Shop.

Professionally restored to full-playing condition.



Francisco Correa and Michael Butten.

Francisco Correa and Michael Butten try out Milestones guitars in the shop

Francisco and Michael were performing with Glyndebourne Touring Opera and took the opportunity to come over to try out all the Milestones guitars we had recently received. Francisco liked the Romantica so much that he bought it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon listening to these 2 wonderful young players.

Hanika 56PC Classical Guitar - soundhole.

Customised Classical and Flamenco Guitars

Standard classical and flamenco guitars do not suit everyone's needs and for that reason renowned makers offer a range of custom build options. Alternative scale length, finish, neck profiles, fret materials, pickups and pickguards; these and more are all available. Prices are surprisingly reasonable.

You can find out more about the customisation options available from Hanika here. Please phone to talk through which of the various options available may suit you best.

Hannbach Competition Do Tuan Viet.

Our Customer wins First Prize in International Competition

Do Tuan Viet won a first prize in the Hannabach International competition playing the Hanika Lattice Natural he selected for its projection and stage presence. More...

Poniente - Jesse and Michael.

Poniente visiting the shop

Jesse and Michael of Poniente gave some of our flamencas a good workout.

Their concert in Crediton the evening before was wonderful!!

"Their duo collaboration draws together flamenco and traditional Spanish and Latin American song."



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Hanika guitars UK is a companion site we have set up where you can find the entire Hanika range with all the customisation options that have become so popular.

A few products are still only available here on this old site but in a matter of days these too will be available from the new sites.

Site Security Errors on this Old Site

We recommend viewing our range of guitars, strings and accessories on our new sites. On this old site you may see security error messages or faults with images. If in doubt, please PHONE and we will be able to help with any order or query.

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